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Domus Mazziniana
Risorgimento flags, letters and relics on display in Pisa

The Domus Mazziniana in Pisa is part of the Palazzo Nathan-Rosselli, where Giuseppe Mazzini died on 10 March 1872. The building was declared a national monument in 1910, was destroyed during the Second World War but then reconstructed. Today it is home to a cultural institute dedicated to the study of Mazzinian thought, philosophy and political theory, and contains documents and artefacts relating to his life and the Risorgimento period.

The Domus Mazziniana comprises a museum, through which one can follow the life of Mazzini and the key moments of the Risorgimento with letters, documents and photographs of the time. Mazzini's completeworks are collected in the library and archive, along with many of his manuscripts and about twenty newspaper articles of various origins, adding up to a total of about 87,000 original documents.

Info: domusmazziniana.it
roomVia Contessa Matilde, 1, 56126 Pisa PI, Italia
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