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Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art in Arezzo
Displaying works by Spinello Aretino and Vasari

The Mudas, Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art in Arezzo, is set up inside the Bishop’s Palace and is home to artistic pieces from the diocese in Arezzo, the cathedral and other churches in the area.

The rooms contain works from the 15th century to the 19th century, including frescoes from the 16th century by painter Teofilo Torri, a collection of precious jewellery, and sacred vestments. Among these there is the famous Pace di Siena, a French work made of gold, enamel, precious stones and pearls, donated by Pope Pius II, born Piccolomini, to the Siena Cathedral in the 15th century and in time passed onto the cathedral in Arezzo.

Some of the most remarkable works on display are the large 13th-century wooden crucifixes, the painting of the Annunciation by Andrea di Nerio, the frescoes by Spinello Aretino, two paintings by Bartolomeo della Gatta and some works by Giorgio Vasari, among which there are the paintings that depict the sermon of the baptism of Christ. 

Info: diocesiarezzo.it

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