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Collection of Physics Instruments of Siena
One of the richest historical collections of scientific instruments

The Collection of Physics Instruments of the Department of Physical Sciences, the Earth and Environment is part of the Museum System of the University of Siena (SIMUS). It houses one of the most valuable and richest historical collections of scientific physics instruments of the Sienese university. It contains about 400 pieces of equipment, instruments and models, all perfectly conserved. They are mainly from the nineteenth century, testifying to the long history of the discipline at the univeristy, from a subject of teaching on the origins of the Medical Faculty up to the recent Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

The collection includes a perpetual electric pendulum by Zamboni, a horizontal microscope, an optometer and a polarizing microscope by Giovanni Battista Amici, spectrometers, polarimeters, compasses, octants, telescopes, galvanometers and other fine electrical instruments. It also exhibits X-ray tubes along with a beautiful collection of tubes for the study of electrical discharges in gases.

roomSezione di Fisica - DSFTA, Università di Siena, Via Roma, 56, 53100 Siena, SI, Italia
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