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Places of worship
Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista in Monsagrati
A Romanesque parish church in Monsagrati, near Pescaglia

The Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista in Monsagrati, near Pescaglia, is dedicated to saints Reparata and John the Baptist. Its presence has been noted since at least the Lombard era, but the church was rebuilt around 1100, with the addition of a bell tower north of the building. Later renovations added a crenellated pediment and two clocks on the bell tower.

The tabernacle dates to the 15th century, right around the same time as the restorations carried out by Benefetto Nobili, while the vaults and windows in the central nave date to the 17th century. The church, including its façade and apse, were built in the Romanesque style.


roomVia per Monsagrati Alto, 55064 Monsagrati LU, Italia
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