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Photo ©Museo Galileo
Structure of the ninth circle of Dante's Hell according to Antonio Manetti, detail, in G. Galilei, V. Borghini et al., Studi sulla Divina Commedia, Firenze, Le Monnier, 1855
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From Hell to the Empyrean Sky. Dante’s World between Science and Poetry
Vom  16. Nov 2021  bis  30. Jan 2022
An exhibition framing Dante’s scientific skills in the culture of his time

Taking its cue from Galileo’s academic lectures on the measurement and site of Dante’s Inferno – where the scientist defined the poet “chorographer and architect” – the exhibition, conceived by the Museo Galileo of Florence, will frame Dante’s scientific skills in the culture of his time, tracing the profile of the poet as a physicist, abbacist, “geométra”, “geologist”, and cosmographer. The sections of the exhibition ideally replicate the tripartite division of the Divine Comedy.

The exhibition features large three-dimensional models, immersive multimedia projections, high-definition facsimiles of manuscripts and original works that include paintings, drawings, prints and world maps with the representation of the earthly paradise.

Vom 16. November 2021 bis 30. Januar 2022
Vom 16. Nov 2021 bis 30. Jan 2022
Palazzo Pitti, Piazza de' Pitti, Firenze, FI, Italia
Preis ab5€
Vom 16. November 2021 bis 30. Januar 2022
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