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63rd Chianti Exhibition in Montespertoli
Vom  26. Jun 2021  bis  04. Jul 2021
Events and tastings in the piazza

On the occasion of the 63rd Chianti Exhibition in Montespertoli, scheduled from June 26 to July 4, 17 farms will become the key feature of Piazza del Popolo, where presentations and tastings of their wines will be organized. The "Convivium" will also be set up in the center of the piazzae, a space dedicated to a further 8 wineries.

Piazza Machiavelli will host the training events related to the world of wine, featuring experts in the sector and a tasting area with tables, chairs, and music in the wine bar.

The town center will be engergized by live music and games between the districts, in compliance with anti-covid19 regulations. There will also be a space completely dedicated to children. Gruppo 900 will revive the atmosphere of the early years of the last century through re-enactments of the trades of the time, while food stands presented by local associations will offer typical dishes and more. Finally, the 2021 edition marks a welcome return: Epernay's friends will be present together with the Comitato Gemellaggi to present Champagne tastings.

As seen, Montespertoli is ready to welcome wine lovers, and not only, for a week of great wine, wonderful food and the pleasure of being together.

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Vom 26. Juni 2021 bis 04. Juli 2021

Comune di Montespertoli, Piazza del Popolo, Montespertoli, FI, Italia
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