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Siena: walking tour with Cathedral option
A city with a medieval history, beautiful architecture and a lively culture. On this tour you will enjoy the main attractions in town.

Siena was declared world heritage Site by Unesco: discover its treasures with a local guide and immerse yourself in its art, culture and traditions. You will explore every corner and the ancient streets with a small group of people.

The tour will start in the heart of the city: Piazza del Campo, the political centre, where you will learn about the history of the majestic Palazzo Pubblico (today, city hall and seat of the Civic Museum)

In this square you will discover the tradition of the "Palio", the horse race that takes place twice a year since the middle ages. You will also admire Fonte Gaia and you will discover the history of the mysterious “bottini”, an underground medieval aqueduct excavated in the sandstone. You will hear funny anecdotes about the spasmodic search of the much-sought river called "Diana".

Afterwards you will walk the ancient street Banchi di Sopra, a small part of the ancient via Francigena, the pilgrim's road that starts in North Europe and finishes in Rome. Along this street the guide will tell you about important siena's families and will show you their palaces:  Tolomei, one of the oldest private buildings of the city, and Salimbeni seat of the oldest public bank of Europe. 

The tour will continue towards the Basilica of San Domenico which houses the relics of Saint Catherine of Siena, then you will discover the Sanctuary where she used to live with her family. 

Afterwards you will pass by the Baptistery and the stunning Cathedral. You will also visit the inside if you chose the option with Cathedral included, to admire the artworks of important Italian artists, such as Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini (the Cathedral ticket is not included)

This tour is available in five languages: 
English: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 10.30 AM 
Spanish: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 10.30 AM 
Italian: every day at 15:00 PM 
French: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 15.00 PM 
German: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday at 15.00 PM 


Piazza del Campo, 72, Siena, SI, Italia
Vom 01. Februar 2021 bis 28. Februar 2022
  • Small shared tour with max 15 people
  • Authorized local monolingual guide
  • 1h 30min of guided tour
  • 30 min more guided visit  (only if the option is selected) of the inside of the Cathedral - ticket not included 
    (consult the homepage https://operaduomo.siena.it/it/ to buy the ticket you prefer)

  • In addition to the Cathedral, you can also visit the Baptistery, the Crypt, the Opera Museum and “Facciatone” by purchasing a single ticket valid for three days.

The ticket price varies depending on the time of the year and what you want to visit:

  • starting from 5 euros when the Cathedral's floor is covered
  • from 8 euros when the Cathedral's floor is uncovered
  • free for children up to 7 years and people with disabilities

If you have any questions or problems we will help you to select the best solution for you!

Meeting point
Piazza del Campo 72, Siena
  • Visit of the main monuments: Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Pubblico, Palazzo Tolomei, Palazzo Salimbeni, the Basilica of San Domenico (inside), the Sanctuary of St. Catherine of Siena, the Baptistery (external) and the Cathedral (also the inside if you choose the option with Cathedral included)
Stornierungsbedingungen und No-Show
cancellation service up to 24 hours before the start of the tour for a full refund
Siena Tourism Programs and Services
P.IVA: 01392950521
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